I Remember Mama | A Statement Shirt

I Remember Mama | A Statement Shirt

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February 2022 made two years since I’ve lost my mom.

Can’t say it’s gotten any easier but as I adjust to my new normal I like to think of the memories that put a smile on my face.

Our mothers may be gone but they will NEVER be forgotten.

If you’ve lost your mom, I hope this shirts brings a smile to your face and encourages you to keep going! Additionally, I hope it will encourage someone who sees you wearing it that may be dealing with grief as well.

If you decide to get the shirt, when you wear it, please tag me or DM me on IG. I’d love to feature you and tell the world a little bit about your mom and how amazing she was. 

Grief is hard but I remember Mama in a happy way. 

The world is watching.

Make a S T A T E M E N T.

100% classic ringspun cotton