Write the vision!

Write the vision!

Here's the masterplan:

  1. Write your top three goals.
  2. List why each individual goal is important to you.
  3. Write three practical steps to make each goal achievable.  
  4. Write the deadlines for each goal.

Additionally, list something you want to do for yourself. Ex: Beach time, get a new book, order that drink from Starbucks, maybe get a new shirt from A Statement Shirt (lol had to throw that one in)


  1. Do what you can. 
  2. Give yourself grace.
  3. Don’t let anyone get in your way. 

Close out each day writing down what went well and what you can work on tomorrow.

Have fun. Be. Love. Live. 

The world is watching — Make a STATEMENT! 

Desireé, Owner

A Statement Shirt 

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